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Photoshop Lesson For Class

Tattoo Stereotypes


Things You Don’t See Every Day

A Man and His iPhone

Apparently Marathons “Run” in the Family

My daughter Lindsey and I have a lot of things in common.  We have the same sense of humor, we have similar tastes in music, and we both participate in marathons. I run for 26.2 miles while Lindsey stands on her feet for 26.2 hours. Lindsey is a senior at my alma matter, the University […]

The “J” is For Juicy

One of my students wrote this as her opening blog for my class this semester.  At least someone out there likes me. “As I trekked up the narrow stairs of the Academic Two building on Tuesday morning, I considered the website link I had been emailed for RTV 3260 Section B56 and debated what Professor […]

Where Should You Post Your Status?