The “J” is For Juicy

One of my students wrote this as her opening blog for my class this semester.  At least someone out there likes me.

“As I trekked up the narrow stairs of the Academic Two building on Tuesday morning, I considered the website link I had been emailed for RTV 3260 Section B56 and debated what Professor Sandhouse would be like.   As I stepped into the classroom, I quickly threw myself onto the nearest available chair for he was already speaking to the class.  Puzzled, because it was four minutes before class was scheduled to begin, I scramble for my notebook and before I pull it out of my bag, I realize that class had not started; Professor Sandhouse was, in fact, making genuine conversation with his new students as we all waited for class to officially begin.

Sitting and listening to a classmate ramble about her FIU parking experiences, I give in to a bad habit…I judged the book by its cover.  As usual, I went in order from head to toe.  The ceiling lights reflecting on the professor’s bald head told me he was a man that cared about himself, the person he advertised; not always do individuals keep up with the demands of the bald-style maintenance.  His button down shirt told me he was put together; it not being tucked in nor fully buttoned, which let me know he wasn’t uptight.  His jeans relaxed but without trendy holes reinforced what his shirt told me.  And last, but not least, when creating premature ideas, his lace-less shoes complimented his statement jewelry.  Once done with my dumb habit, I realized that I might like this person a lot more than gatorjbone.com already lead me to believe.

Everything got better when it came to what I had been waiting for, his introduction.  Just when I thought I had Professor Sandhouse all figured out through my assumption exercises, the class learned that Professor Sandhouse doesn’t exist, the marathon runner seated before us was to only be addressed by Jay or Jbone.  I appreciate individuals as confident as Jbone and got excited about my first professor who was humble enough to compliment his arrogance with motivation so that we one day can be like him, happy to be awesome and sharing how to get there.  As each second of the two hours ticked by, each individual’s face lit up and we all seemed to fall more and more in love with what this semester would grace us with.  I believe the B56 section of RTV 3260 will be a unique experience.”


2 comments on “The “J” is For Juicy

  1. Glad your new semester is going so well! Loved the article.

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