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Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s 12:55?!

Loving the fact that my students dig my class. While taking notes in Jay’s class this past week, I realized that the two hours we spend in that room appear to be quick and painless.  Regardless of the content or whether we’re just sitting there, on the computers or actually taking notes, the class remains […]

Choose Your Facebook Friends Carefully


“You either embrace technology or it passes you by.” This is the credo that I have lived by for nearly 30 years.  This ideology would never come into play more so than it did today while grading assignments for my class. Their project was relatively simple.  The students had to take still photos around campus […]

Another Self Serving Testimonial

The more and more I walk into Jay’s class, the more I realize he is like a friend to us  rather than someone who’s there solely for the purpose of mouthing a lecture and getting a paycheck, wouldn’t you guys agree? He truly cares about us learning the material and encourages (instead of enforces) us […]