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Another Self Serving Testimonial

The more and more I walk into Jay’s class, the more I realize he is like a friend to us  rather than someone who’s there solely for the purpose of mouthing a lecture and getting a paycheck, wouldn’t you guys agree? He truly cares about us learning the material and encourages (instead of enforces) us to use our vast array of online resources he has available to us. Jay decided to allow us not one, but TWO classes for us to work on our rookie video “masterpieces”  with him by our side to guide us and critique us along the way. I’m currently juggling 5 classes and a 35 hour work week (not including the 10 weekly hours I dedicate to reading and the 5 daily I dedicate to Crossfit) so I didn’t have some alone time with Jay to go over my video. I submitted my work with some confidence. A wise smile spread across my tired face as I clicked the “Publish” button to submit my video in a new post. This was the first video I’d ever worked on, and I was so proud of what I’d done, but like any good friend who wouldn’t let you step out of the house without looking your absolute best, Jay didn’t allow me to post my project with even the slightest error. What may have been a minor detail overlooked by the naked eye (or ear, in this case), was not overlooked by Jay. He was gracious enough to allow me to fix my error and re-submit my project, which in turn prompted me to learn how to pay attention to the little details that matter, learn how to use certain features in iMovie and earn me a better grade on my assignment. I have never had a teacher be so attentive to his/her students and care so much for their students. I’m looking forward to tackling the bigger projects in the class and gaining knowledge with me that I’ll carry for the rest of my professional career. This class is the vehicle that moves in a parallel road to our future endeavors.


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