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It’s 12:55?!

Loving the fact that my students dig my class.

While taking notes in Jay’s class this past week, I realized that the two hours we spend in that room appear to be quick and painless.  Regardless of the content or whether we’re just sitting there, on the computers or actually taking notes, the class remains enjoyable.  After being at FIU for nearly three years, I can count on one hand the classes I have genuinely enjoyed as much as I do Jay’s.

In my terms, a class being enjoyable has not to do with difficulty or workload; rather, for a class to be enjoyable by my standards the content has to be relevant to my life and the professor needs to be happy to provide this content to the students.  I like when I don’t mind the fact that I’m giving up some of my brain’s memory bank to the material I’m being taught and I like it when I can apply this material to my life and my ideas.  However, the material taught can only be enjoyable to learn if the professor is enjoying himself or herself when teaching it.  I appreciate Jay’s class because these two factors exist during my two hours with him.


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