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I’m Worried About My Grade


My Sister Is Perfect

My two daughters are nearly nine years apart; for the longest time, there didn’t seem to be a real connection between the two.  In fact, they used to fight as if they were the same age.  I was concerned for the longest time if and when they would eventually bond. It happened almost a year […]

Are You Experienced?

Multimedia Production Student Evaluations

I have often told my students who aspire to be on-air talent that no matter how good they are, even if they should obtain Oprah popularity, not every single person will like them.  This advice must always be taken to heart, as 1% of criticism can easily outweigh 99% of kudos.  The same can be […]

Wonder Woman Never Had This Problem

Professor Tells Student to “Get Your Sh*t Together”

Since I pride myself on being a person who is always on time, it really bugs the bejeebers out of me when my students stroll in late for class.  I have done everything short of locking the classroom door to get them to modify their behavior pattern; after 14 frustrating years, I’ve pretty much given […]

The Best Time To Wear A Striped Sweater