My Sister Is Perfect


My two daughters are nearly nine years apart; for the longest time, there didn’t seem to be a real connection between the two.  In fact, they used to fight as if they were the same age.  I was concerned for the longest time if and when they would eventually bond.

It happened almost a year ago.  With Lindsey’s college graduation and Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah on the horizon, the two sisters have become best buds.  With Lindsey graduating from UF and moving back home, I think the two of them are truly looking forward to their new found friendship.

I came across this post in Lindsey’s blog.  With her permission, I proudly re-post:


Many of you may know or not know that I have a younger sister. Her name is Rachel, she’s 12 years old and she is perfect, and I have the claims to back this up.

  • She’s popular. She gets more text messages in one day that I do in an entire month.
  • She gets my parents to do everything for her. Including, but not limited to getting my mom to do her homework while she sits on the couch and watches TV
  •  She doesn’t have to do any chores. My parents save special chores for me to do when I’m home during breaks even though they have another daughter at their disposal.
  • She got a cell phone when she was 8 years old. Still a sore subject for me. Moving on.
  • She hates curse words. She has never cursed a day in her life and hates it when people around her curse. She even hates it when they are curse words and will make it a point to not sing while that part of the song is on.
  • She doesn’t drink soda. She hates the taste. Ugh she’s so perfect.
  • She knows how to use Photoshop. Feel that? That’s shame.
  • She’s honest. She’s that friend you wish you had; the one who will tell you if you smell, have food stuck in your teeth or that it’s time to get your eyebrows waxed.
  • She’s creative. She once drew a picture of a TV on a piece of paper and taped it to her wall because she doesn’t have one in her room. She even made a remote and other options of things to watch in case she got tired of looking at the same thing on her “TV” for an extended period of time.
  • She only tans, never burns. During the summer she gets so tan, she looks Hispanic whereas the rest of us look albino.

2 comments on “My Sister Is Perfect

  1. Both of the girls are perfect. 🙂 I enjoyed reading this so much. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had a younger brother that was perfect in a similar way.

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