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Official NBA Transferral Form


I never have been, but I do understand why people may jump ship.  Back in the day, before cable and satellite, it was very difficult to follow your favorite team if you did not live in that market.  The home team is always on the tube; unless they are a direct competitor, why not root for them?

I basically grew up in South Florida, but most of my family has roots in New York.  They were never very much into football, and since I was a little kid when the Miami Dolphins came into being, I became a fan right away.  The New York Mets are and will always be my favorite baseball team.  They were the first professional sports team I ever rooted for, and I’ve watched almost every game religiously on DirecTV since 1996.  As a Marlins’ season ticket holder for their first two years, I actually thought of jumping ship (especially since the Mets really sucked back then).  However, when the two teams faced each other, I was always rooting for the Mets in my heart.

My favorite basketball team has always been the New York Knicks.  That being said, no team continuously disgusts me more than the Knicks.  THEY HAVE SUCKED FOREVER AND A DAY!!  In this case, it’s not really the players as much as it is the management.  When the Miami Heat came into existence, they went head-to-toe with the Knicks, so I always pretty much hated them.  When the Heat won their first NBA championship in 2006, the Knicks were pretty irrelevant, and Dwayne Wade was my favorite player.  In addition, Udonis Haslem, my all-time favorite University of Florida basketball player, was on the roster as well.  I started to care less and less about pro basketball as the Knicks were mismanaged to the point of embarrassment.

When LeBron James was pondering his “decision,” the Knicks were one of the teams in the mix.  The Knicks had just traded David Lee (another Gator favorite), along with other players, to clear room for King James.  When LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach, there was now nothing stopping me from doing the unthinkable…I jumped on the Miami Heat bandwagon!

It’s not quite that easy to just change your allegiance.  It’s almost as difficult as applying for citizenship in a different country, or changing your religion.  Below is the form I had to fill out before I could actually become a full-fledged Miami Heat fan.  It was a grueling process, but I think it was worth it.


NBA Bandwagon


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