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Why Social Media Internships Should Never Be Unpaid

An interesting article I came across written by Heather Huhman:   Interns are often hired to run social media for small companies that can’t afford a full-time social media manager. Employers assume the job is simple and they have the skills to handle it because they regularly use social media in their personal lives. However, […]

Helpful B-Roll Editing Resource

B-Roll can either make or break a video project.  I came across this extremely helpful resource. This video was retrieved from Cream Sketch Comedy

Video Editing Apps: Premiere Pro vs Final Cut Pro X vs Media Composer

This is a very informative article one of my students shared with me from Deciding between Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro X & Avid for pro video editing? Here are a few thoughts and opinions to help you make that call.     As a decade long loyal and faithful FCP editor the […]

20 Rules About Subject-Verb Agreement

Is, or are? Go, or goes? Whether a verb is singular or plural depends on any one of a complicated set of factors. Here is a roster of rules for subject-verb agreement (or “Here are some rules . . .”): 1. Use verbs that agree with a subject, not with a noun that is part […]

The 10 Essentials of Facebook Etiquette

As many of my family and friends consider me to be the “Social Media Police,” I found this article originally published in PR Daily to be very solid advice: Some brands have mastered the art of Facebook marketing; others, not so much. As with any social media platform, there are rules by which we should […]

Significantly Less To Be Superman

The Man of Steel is a bargin compared to the Dark Knight.

Being Batman Isn’t Cheap

Want to fight crime?  You may want to consider the financial expense before you “suit-up.”