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You’re a Comic Sans Criminal

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I Love What I Do

It always makes me smile when my students recognize how passionate I am about my teaching: “For the fourth week we have finally learned about Photoshop and iMovie. This part of the semester is exciting as well as nerve wrecking because it’s a lot of information to know and remember and then put into practice. […]

5 Reasons Your Students Should Blog

This article was written by George Couros and posted in Leading a Learning Community, Providing Instructional Leadership As a school division, we are deep into developing blogs as portfolios with our students.  To do this with approximately 10,000 students is a major undertaking but the work is important and I really believe that students should […]

A Field Guide To Procrastinators

How 5 Decades of Hispanic Immigration Gave Miami Its Own Unique English Dialect

Mike Riggs is a staff writer at The Atlantic Cities  This article touches on many things I cover in my Radio & Television Announcing class, specifically the pronunciation of the letter “L.” For decades, Florida’s most well-known dialect was the one made famous by author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Called “Florida Cracker” by white natives, it’s now spoken […]

An Open Letter To Steve

Dear Steve, I was a little taken-back when I saw that you had posted on my Facebook wall after your favorite team, the University of Miami, defeated my favorite team, the University of Florida.  You decided to pretty much call me out, as well as my fellow Gator brethren.  You asked why we had been […]

Top 5 Signs You Need to Drop a Class…Right Now

It’s decision time. Are you vying for another easy, minimal-credit-four-day-weekend-no-classes-before-noon semester? Or is this the semester you have to actually read, buckle down, and do a better job hiding your drug addiction so your parents don’t exile you from the family? Either way, the last date to drop your classes and still be fully refunded […]