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An Open Letter To Steve

Gators Chomp Canes

Dear Steve,

I was a little taken-back when I saw that you had posted on my Facebook wall after your favorite team, the University of Miami, defeated my favorite team, the University of Florida.  You decided to pretty much call me out, as well as my fellow Gator brethren.  You asked why we had been silent after the game, and had accused us on putting a “spin” on the loss.  You continued to post on the timelines of other Gators fans throughout the day, calling all of us sore losers.  Although I deleted your comments, I do feel you deserve a response to your allegations:

  1. I went to school at the University of Florida and have been a season ticket holder ever since.  I travel up to every home game, and have only missed one game since 1996 (Kentucky).  I truly bleed orange and blue, as I’m sure you bleed orange and green.  I never thought the Gators would win a SEC Championship in my lifetime, let alone a National Championship.
  1. I am not and have never been into trash talking.  I am only concerned about one team and one team only; they play in Gainesville. I even go so far as to avoid eye contact with the visiting fans after a Gators victory, because I know how much they are hurting.  I truly dislike the University of Miami, but my day is not complete if they lose; my day is complete only if the Gators win.  I choose to listen to sports on XM radio rather than local broadcasts, so I am totally tuned out to what is being said by local fans of both teams.
  1. This may be hard for you to accept, but the Hurricanes are a “pimple on the ass” of the Gators.  As much as fans for both teams would love to see this game on an annual basis, there simply is no rivalry, and has not been one for more than two decades.   Most of the stories that have fueled this once great annual showdown took place before any of the current players were born.  You know what else took place before any of the current players were born?  The Civil War.
  1. As a member of the Southeastern Conference, the goal is to play in Atlanta every year for the SEC Championship.  This has led to a spot in the BCS title game the past seven years.  I would gladly trade in a victory over Miami for a win over Tennessee, Georgia or LSU; it just simply means more in the big picture.
  1. We all watched the game; it was not a pretty sight.  Five turnovers for the Gators, and little-or-no offense or time of possession for the Hurricanes.  I’ll take a win anyway I can, but I’m sure you have some serious concerns over the performance of your team (I certainly have).  After all, I wouldn’t expect every team you play this season to turn the ball over as much as Florida did.

In conclusion, I am not making excuses or apologizing for the game.  It was what it was.  I do understand that the victory means more to you and your fellow Hurricanes, but it also doesn’t mean all Gators are jerks.

Congratulations on your victory.


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