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I Love What I Do

It always makes me smile when my students recognize how passionate I am about my teaching:

“For the fourth week we have finally learned about Photoshop and iMovie. This part of the semester is exciting as well as nerve wrecking because it’s a lot of information to know and remember and then put into practice. So far, I have been having so much fun participating in the in-class assignments and working on some of my own pictures on the side. I feel like i’ll never stop learning in these programs because they offer so many tools to use and there’s just too much in the program that I know i’ll be learning something new every single day. Jay is such an amazing professor, he is so knowledgeable of what he is teaching us and he is more attentive than every other professor of mine. He truly cares for his students and I can tell he enjoys teaching as much as he enjoys multimedia. This week, while editing the pictures, I wanted to learn how to enhance the colors in the background without enhancing the skin tones of the subject in the image and he taught me how to use the masking tool on Photoshop. The funny but nice part of it was that my computers settings for Photoshop were changed, so it wasn’t working on my computer but Jay researched throughout the class before the end of the period and fixed my settings in order for me to properly learn how to use the masking tool. This is a small example of how attentive and caring Jay really is with his students. I am loving this course!”


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