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The End to Another Great Sememster

RTV 3260_Spring 2014_1


As the Spring 2014 semester has come to an end, it is always a bittersweet feeling as I say goodbye to my students.  In my 15 years of teaching, this Multimedia Production course is by far and away my favorite and most rewarding.  One of my students came up to me the last day of class to thank me for a wonderful semester.  She said “I’m sure you know you’re really good at what you do.”  I told her “Yes, I know…but it’s more important that you know that.”  Since the majority of the students are seniors, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Most of them realize just how important it is to have these multimedia skills when they enter the job market.  I always make sure that they know my responsibility to them does not end when the course is over.  They are always free to contact me as often as they would like for advice, professional development or a recommendation.

Below are just a few postings from their last class blog:

“I must say that I really loved this class. I came in with a lot of video knowledge, having done these projects before and having a lot of experience with Final Cur Pro. Despite how prepared I was I must say that I learned a lot from Jay and was very pleased to have a patient professor who taught us not only how to edit but why we have to set up a project in a certain way and why we export in a certain format. In all my film school classes I don’t think any of my teachers taught me what a codec was. I just took the information for what it was and ran with it. I feel more confident with my skills now that I have gone through this course and I am excited to finally have a basic understanding of Photoshop!

All in all this was a very FUN, INTERESTING and EXCITING course for me. It was always a pleasure to be in class, even on lecture days. Jay was an amazing teacher and an inspiration through his knowledge, stories and belief in us that we could all do the projects he assigned. His patience and fairness was really what made this class a winner for me. So, thank you Jay!”

“As I wrap all my assignments and finals up this last week of school, I have had a moment to reflect on my growth as a journalist and reporter over the semester. Out of all of my courses, I thought Multimedia Production was going to be my easiest course. Although it was my favorite course, it was the most demanding and time-consuming. The assignments were fun to do and caused me to gain a lot of experience and knowledge, but it required a lot of hard work. At the beginning, I didn’t understand the objective of the projects. Why would I need to know how to use an edit in Photoshop and iMovie if I plan to report in front of a camera? I want to be the talent, not behind the scenes. As the semester progressed, I realized that the more you know, the better. It differentiates you from others in this competitive industry. Everything has a purpose and is a piece of a building block of a much larger structure to your future. I honestly feel like this course has benefited me the most out of all my courses here at FIU. I plan on using my projects as demos when applying for future work in my field; and I thank Professor Sandhouse for that. I appreciate his belief in my work; and in me. I look forward to graduating in August and whats to come of my long journey in the world of journalism.”

“As I sit back and reflect upon this semester as it pertains to this course, I can say that I have many fond memories. Let me start by saying, thank you for all that you have taught me this semester. When I came into this class I had photography, Adobe Photoshop and imovie knowledge, but that was it. I now leave with much more than what I came in with. I had never heard of audacity, nor had I ever recorded a voice commercial before. That was fun; although, I have to tell you that I still hate the sound of my voice when recorded. The Chroma-Key project; although, it was a long process to get to the finish line, I enjoyed it to the fullest! I had never used Final-cut prior to you teaching it to me and well, I’m not an expert at it now, but I sure know a lot about the way it works and how to put projects together, which made it easier to put the last project together. The hands-on experiences you allowed us to have are so much more valuable than any book experiences we could have had. Thank you for being there every step of the way to assist us all! I will carry my new -found knowledge with me through the rest of my multimedia classes. See you around campus!!!!”

“It has been a long, long semester, filled with trying times and sleepless nights. Five days from now, I will be free as a bird, but for now, concentration is key if I’m planning on getting my desired grades. Now, as a junior, I’ve taken my fair share of classes, whether at BBC, MMC, or online. There are many classes that I instantly forget even taking the second I walk out of the final exam.

Multimedia Production is not one of those classes.

I’m usually a strong advocate for dozing off whenever lectures are going to be given; I’m a hands-on kind of person, it’s just what I do. However, this was one class in which the lectures were actually engaging enough to attract and maintain my attention and facilitate actual learning. REAL LIFE LEARNING! This is especially worth mentioning considering the fact that I was already pretty comfortable with video editing prior to first setting foot in the class. I learned quite a bit regarding the industry in terms of radio and broadcast television, as well as how to add another software suite to my repertoire of knowledge. I said it in the beginning of the class and I’ll say it again now; I’ve always fully believed in the vast power of multimedia and its ability to convince an audience to do as little as buy a can of soda to stage a full-scale revolution. I’ll also repeat my beliefs on our beloved professor. Sandhouse is a fantastic last name and should go down in the list of action hero greats, right up there with ‘Steel’ and ‘Explosion’. He has been nothing but fair when it comes to teaching and grading assignments, and his valuable input on every one of our assignments has taken us to new heights of accomplishment. It’s been an incredible ride this semester, and my only regret is that it has to come to an end.”


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