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Great Week in Jay’s Class

This is a post one of my students wrote in her weekly blog.  It’s comments like these that always push me to go above and beyond:

Adobe Premiere Pro logo

I really enjoyed the last lecture Jay gave that pertained to how to edit a Chroma Key project using Adobe Premier Pro. I think it’s really neat how by simply layering the animated virtual sets, stand up and images/videos, you can complete a professional-looking news report. Overall, I’m finding it pretty easy for me to learn how to use Adobe software, especially having prior experience with it. This makes me feel that much more confident in presenting this additional skillset when applying for internships/jobs.

I must also say that I feel very fortunate to have met Jay prior to taking this course. I knew right then and there that I looked forward to taking his course. During my casual conversations with friends who’ve taken or are taking the RTV 3260 course with other instructors, I learned that my class is one of the only ones learning how to  do a Chroma Key and also having the opportunity to do a feature story of any topic we choose.  In addition, I learned that some courses aren’t teaching how to use Adobe Premier Pro, which is by far great for video editing. Having learned this made me appreciate Jay’s class even more because he simply enjoy what he does and it’s evident day by day.

In addition, I’m thankful for having a small pep talk with Jay this past Thursday. My main concern was that I would finish the semester and still not feel as confident with one solid demo reel. I was reminded of once again striving to achieve quality work over quantity. I’m relieved to know that Jay is honest when providing his wise opinion on what he believes is good quality work to show off. For this reason, I am more motivated to work even harder than ever on these last few projects for his class and will continue to value every feedback I receive to improve.


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