A Brief History of Dad Rock

Pitchfork explores the evolution of “Dad Rock” in this animated short.   Advertisements

Open Letter to My Professor

Thank you Gina for your kind words. Jay, This semester has come and gone in what seemed like a blink of an eye. I guess four months isn’t such a long time after all. In this past 16 weeks, you have managed to teach us much, not only about multimedia, but about ourselves. Your class […]

“Don’t Talk the Talk If You Can’t Walk the Walk”

The quote was made famous by the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair.  Over the years, I have had many students write glowing reviews about me, and their experience in my classes.  They are greatly appreciated, and I am always quick to post them on my blog or on social media.  In the case of […]

Your Phone Isn’t The Only Camera You Need

Anyone who follows me on social media knows just how much I am into photography.  My friends often make fun of me that I’m always “packing” a camera whenever I go anywhere, but this article published in the Wall Street Journal provides a good case for my antics. By Geoffrey A. Fowler Smartphone-makers, touting photos […]

Was I Right To Walk Out Of The Job Interview?

One of my students posted this article on her blog.  This was published in Forbes by Liz Ryan.  I will let your read her response before I weigh in with my own: Dear Liz, I read your columns and they give me a lot of encouragement. I have noticed that when I don’t feel good […]

Retrospective of the Course

Written by some of my students this semester: Here we are at the finish line. I feel as if I ran and a marathon. I wrote this before and I’ll write it again: in my opinion, this has been most important course that I have taken at FIU. I feel ready for the Campaigns class. At […]

How Every Roommate You’ve Ever Lived With Is Just Like A Batman Supervillain

At some point in most of our lives we’ve lived with a roommate and for many of us, it wasn’t always a pleasant experience.  I once had a college roommate that was so jealous of my relationship with my girlfriend (soon to be my wife), he called her mother and told her that my girlfriend was spending too much […]