Was I Right To Walk Out Of The Job Interview?

One of my students posted this article on her blog.  This was published in Forbes by Liz Ryan.  I will let your read her response before I weigh in with my own: Dear Liz, I read your columns and they give me a lot of encouragement. I have noticed that when I don’t feel good […]

Great Week in Jay’s Class

This is a post one of my students wrote in her weekly blog.  It’s comments like these that always push me to go above and beyond: I really enjoyed the last lecture Jay gave that pertained to how to edit a Chroma Key project using Adobe Premier Pro. I think it’s really neat how by […]

8 Signs Your College Professor Sucks

I’m proud to say that I am not guilty of any of these: 1. You have no clue what they are saying  Apparently in the US, speaking English is not always a requirement for teaching classes at 4-year universities- at least sometimes it seems that way, and this is especially true of science or math […]

Always Happy To Help A Student

Honesty is always the best policy.  Good coloring skills help as well.

Internship Expectations

The Rules Are the Rules

I Love What I Do

It always makes me smile when my students recognize how passionate I am about my teaching: “For the fourth week we have finally learned about Photoshop and iMovie. This part of the semester is exciting as well as nerve wrecking because it’s a lot of information to know and remember and then put into practice. […]